Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do things really happen in 3's?

They say that things happen in 3's.....and even though that is just a 'saying' it really seems to happen that least, it does to me!!!
The first thing that happened recently you would already know about if you regularly pop in to check out my blog. I was absent for a while due to my children all being sick but they are all better now and we are back on track.
Then just when things were back into the normal groove, Paul decided to put an extra "hard drive" into our computer and in his haste the whole system CRASHED and it looked like we had lost EVERYTHING!!! So anyway, after a lot of research and what has seemed like an eternity he has finally gotten it back up and running but the computer doesn't detect that thingy that comes out of the camera with the photos on it anymore, so I can't upload any photos of my cards unless Paul is home to sort it out for me. I will try to get him to upload some for me tonight when he gets home.
And finally I will be absent again for a little while because I am going in for surgery on the 18th of November and have been told that I MUST REST for at least 4 weeks after that.
See....things happen in 3's.
Anyway, between now and the 18th I will endeavour to post a few cards with Paul's help and maybe a couple of great recipes while I am at it.


Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Hi Danneil!!! So good to have you back... don't you just hate computers???
I hope your surgery isn't anything too serious and I hope you recover quickly. Will be thinking of you.


Ryemilan said...

Thinking of you Danneil. Hope everything goes well.


Rebecca Ross said...

Yup, things really do happen in threes! I worked with another teacher a few years ago who was quite superstitious and she used to tell you to break a match so that the 3rd thing wouldn't happen! Don't know if that part worked though...
Hope your surgery goes well and that you recover quickly. *hugs*