Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blog awards!! exciting!!
I have received a blog award from my very lovely blog buddy, Rebecca Ross. Bec is just so lovely and I highly recommend checking out the gorgeous stuff on her blog. Bec and I started emailing each other over a year ago and we have been "cyber pen-pals" ever since. I feel humble that she thinks my work is worthy of a blog award (especially since I haven't posted anything for a while!), so thank you Bec...this was a really nice surprise!!

And on the subject of awards......
Receiving the award above from Bec reminded me that I also received the award below from Sam Post a while ago (back in July!) and I hadn't thanked her for it. BAD, BAD, BAD Danneil!!! I am so sorry Sam! I was so SHOCKED to see that you had given me an award and I am embarrassed that forgot to thank you.
Anyway, if you haven't checked out Sam's blog yet then you are totally missing out because Sam's work is astounding. She is mega talented and creative and I want to be just like her when I grow up :0)
Thanks so much for these awards girls....they make me smile.

Now, the rules are that I need to award another 5 bloggers, so here goes......

Sarah Klass Sarah is my up-line and has been my friend for a very long time. She is majorly talented (if you have checked out her blog you would know what I mean) and I am sure that she was paper crafting long before she could that right Jane? She is a constant source of support and inspiration for me and I value her friendship dearly.

Janeybell Sarah-Jane is just the sweetest person! She recently had a new baby girl and still finds the time to post her gorgeous card creations on her blog. We regularly email and comment on each others blogs and I recently met Sarah-Jane at our Regional event and hope to see her again soon.

My AddINKtion Tracey is a fellow team member of the "A Klass Act" team. She always comes up with the most beautiful and interesting cards. She sources great ideas from the Internet and then puts her own spin on them. She is so clever, I love her work and I have cased her ideas a few times.

Makeesha Byl Keesh is just plain AMAZING!!! This girl has 4 children, a husband and a house to run and still manages to post multiple projects on her blog, as well as doing tutorials for her 'Make it Monday' projects AND running challenges!!! AMAZING I tell ya!!!

Butternut Sage Designs........... I LOVE Donna's blog. Her cards and off the page projects are always so beautiful and super, super creative. I also LOVE her tutorials and have learnt so much from them. (Make sure you check out the one on how to make cup-cake frosting!!) She just seems like the sweetest lady and I am always inspired by her.

Along with Sam and Bec's blogs, these are the blogs that I follow and they are all very talented women. I get a great deal of inspiration from thanks girls, you deserve these awards.