Monday, November 24, 2008

An update on me....

I am at home now after having my operation (hysterectomy) last Tuesday, 18th, and I am feeling very tired, VERY sore and just generally YUK!
The operation was a bit more complicated than expected so rather than the original "small" 3 centimetre incision that I had expected, I woke up to an incision that runs all of the way from my left hip to my right hip!!! DOUBLE YUK!!
Anyway, it is what it is!! And there is nothing to do about it now but rest and concentrate on getting better. My doctor says it will now take about 8 weeks until I am feeling better and about 5 months until I am completely recovered, so it is still early days.
I would really like to say a HUGE thank you to those of you who have posted comments and sent emails......Bec, Sam, Sarah-Jane Kale, Makeesha and the very lovely Jane M. Thank you so much, your words have meant a lot to me.
Well I hope to be back on here typing away and posting cards soon, until then......keep safe,
Danneil. x


Rebecca Ross said...

Hi Dan,
You poor thing -my mum went through the whole hysterectomy thing a few years ago and it was pretty rotten. She had to have all the prolapse stuff done too so it was doubly yuck. I've had 2 caesarean sections so I can kinda relate. It sure it quite a while before you feel back to normal but Mum reckons she felt great after she fully recovered - better than she had in the previous few years!
Hugs and kisses for you. I hope you are able to actually rest and don't have to get up and do too much. Take it as easy as you can.

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Hi Dan... just your resident Blog stalker, checking in to see how you are. Hope you are recovering well.


Jean said...

Ohh Danniel, I have just found your blog and been reading about your big operation! I am glad to hear you are recovering well but it must be hard when you have such young children!! And twins too!! I can relate to that! I had three children in the one year - of course there were twins - boys!!
Rest assured you will feel soo good when you are fully recovered - I know LOL!!