Sunday, August 17, 2008

Welcome little one.

This first card and gift box are from Sarah Klass as a gift for my newest little addition to the family.
This little gift was one of the gifts that Sarah handed out at the team stamping day. (You can check out the other gifts that she gave to the other team members on her blog here).
The box contains a little pair of pink baby Ugg Boots and a quilted pink baby beanie.
And the gorgeous card reads....

"You have the most divine little (OK....big!!) family and we love that we get to call you our friends. And not to forget a HUUUGE welcome to the sweet little bundle chose a fabulous family little always....Sair, Tim, Hannah and Sophie."

What can I say! Gorgeous words. Gorgeous team leader. Gorgeous person. Gorgeous friend!
I hope that you like the card and box as much as I do.

1 comment:

sarah_j_k said...

Ooh lookie there, that looks familiar! The words are all true Dan :)

S x