Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"h" is for Hayley.

I seem to be posting a few cards lately that have been made for me by other people and this is one no exception!
This card was made for my youngest daughter's recent baptism by my dear friend, Paula.
Paula attended Sarah's team stamping day with me recently, where she learnt a bit about 'On Board Accents' and this is the first time that she has used them to make a card.
I think that you have done a fab job Paula and I am sure that Sarah would be very proud of you!!
The second picture is of the gift that came with this beautiful card.
It is "The Magic Pudding Coin Collection" which is a collection of the Australian coins that were minted this year.
I thought that it was such a lovely gift idea to give someone a collection of coins from the year that their new baby was born (as a treasured keepsake)....that I just had to share it with you.
Thanks for visiting.


Rebecca Ross said...

HI Dan,
My first son Toby was given the same coins for his Baptism too! I wonder if Owen will also get a set? If not, I shall buy them for him so they both have a set.

sarah_j_k said...

Sarah is INDEED very proud Paula :) What a gorgeous card!