Thursday, June 19, 2008

My First Post!

Hi everyone,

This all feels so familiar!!!

I tried to embark on this blogging journey nearly a year ago but just as I seemed to get it off the ground I found out that I was pregnent with my 4th baby!! The pregnancy was extremely unplanned (definitely not unwanted) but it did send our world into a bit of a spin until we were used to the idea of having another baby.

I have been very lucky with my past pregnancies because I haven't had any major comlaints (thanks Mum for the great genes!!) but this time I did feel a bit off colour, I was very tired and my legs really ached, so the stamping and blogging thing were all put on hold.

I am happy to say that my DH and I were blessed with another beautiful baby girl (that makes 4 girls!!) on the 12th of April and now that we are two months on, I am back into my stamping and ready to try this blogging thing again that everyone is doing.

My intentions haven't changed.....they are to have a little space on the web where my family, friends and customers can see what I am up to and where I can share with you what I have been stamping and making. I will also post images of projects, details of classes and any other Stampin' Up! related news on here.

I am still learning about this blog so please be patient and I hope that you will enjoy taking the blogging journey with me.



sarah_j_k said...

Woo HOOOOO!! SO glad to have you back Dan! Looking forward to seeing all of your gorgeous stuff here :)

Tracey said...

Yay Dan - glad to have you back! Congratulations on your wonderful new little bundle. Can't wait to catch up.

Danneil Linardi said...

Hi Tracey - glad to be back and I am finally having a lot of fun with this blogging thing!

Kate Lush said...

Well hello there my lovey! This looks just great and I LOVE the card you sent to Paula. I expect one of equal or greater awesomeness for my birthday......
You're so clever and creative! x x