Monday, October 6, 2008

An update.

Hello everyone.
I thought that I should give you an update about what has been going on around here lately, just in case anyone was wondering where I had gotten to.

Well here goes......

We all came down with VERY bad colds which I still haven't been able to shake off yet and Miah, my eldest, got a case of Chicken Pox.
Then Miah was playing in the backyard and decided to go down the slide sitting on her knees and peeled back a large amount of skin on the top of her foot as a result!! (friction burn!). So she has needed an antibiotic ointment and clean dressings to help that heal.
At the same time Grace got an ear infection and is on antibiotics to clear that up AND Emily fell off our bed, while I was running them a bath, and put her tooth all of the way through her lip which needed stitching!!!
Of course that just leaves beautiful baby Hayley who is now sporting a terrible case of Chicken Pox!!
Can you believe all of that?!?!?! Because I have been living here and even I have trouble believing that it has all happened in my house over the last 3 weeks!!!
Anyway, now you are updated and because I am feeling a little bit better I hope to be back making cards and posting them here within the next couple of days....hopefully!


jazzystamper said...

Sorry to hear about your families misfortunes hope its all uphill from here... Thinking of you.

Jaz xox

Makeesha Byl said...

Oh No Danneil! That is really tough. I am totally thinking of you because I know what that feels like when they are all sick and you are sporting a cold as well. You take care hon, and lets hope it all passes really soon!
Love Keesh x

nannyjkm said...

Gracious.... your post was 5 days ago, I really hope all is well now. Thinking of you....
Jane M xx