Thursday, September 11, 2008

Picture of me....

Yes, that is a picture of me over there on the right!!! I thought that I would add a picture of me to the blog because we are having Regional's here in Perth on Saturday and I would love to meet some of the Perth Demo's who visit my blog. So now that you have seen what I look like please come up and say "Hello" on Saturday.
I will be back here to tell you all about Regional's on Sunday and to show you the swaps that I made and received.


sarah_j_k said...

Gorgeous pic Dan! I'll come and say hello to you on Saturday ;o)

Danneil said...

Sarah Jane, you just crack me up!!!!

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

I'll say HELLO too Danneil!!!!
You'll know who I am, I'll be the very pregnant, curly haired blonde one!!!! mmm trouble if there is more than one of us!!! hahaha.
Hope to see you on Saturday.