Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What to buy?

My birthday is coming up in about 3 weeks and my Husband asked me today to think about what I want for my present.
I am so confused about what to get that I thought I would post the question "what would you buy if you could spend $100.00 on Stampin' Up! stuff."
As I have mentioned in a previous post, I don't have either the Hodgepodge Hardware or the Pretties Kit (can you believe it!?) so should I get those? And which Hodgepodge? The one from the Catalogue or the one from the Mini?
Or should I get stuff from the Spring Mini? I don't have the Flower Punch but again...which one would you get? The catalogue one or the Mini?
I would LOVE to hear how you would spend the $100.00. Please give me some advice.

If all else fails he could buy me the Wii Fit!!

I look forward to your thoughts.


Michelle said...

OH, to spend $100 on SU product.... What a dilemma! Feel your pain, and it's hard to choose huh? Personally, I would go for punches over pretties (even tho I LOVE the pretties, but they GO - then you have nothing!), and maybe if you don't have many punches, then go for the best sellers (for me, the 2 large circle punches & the scallop). BUT, you need something JUST FOR YOU as well to enjoy, rather than buying for business, so consider that as well.
Have a fantastic birthday anyway!

p.s Great blog, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gee how I wish $100 could get you a ticket to Tas! Anyhoo, I agree with Michelle buy something you really want and have a great day.
PS Ja loves your blog and the great cards.;)